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              Author, counselor, educator, Greg is known for his passionate teaching on Companioning The Dying. This man of many talents--poet, musician, artist and author found a home and gift for hospice work in 1993 and never left.  As a Licensed Counselor and Spiritual Care Coordinator, Greg continues to work full time in southern Arizona, Companioning the dying daily in hospice.

              Since 2004 Greg has been “on the road” presenting seminars around the country on Companioning The Dying. Hospices, foundations and charities supporting hospices sponsor him to present to their staff, public and health care community.  Lending to Greg’s credibility is his full time hospice work with the     ing and bereaved.

        Companioning The Dying was published in 2005 with the intent of helping both professionals and lay people increase their comfort level with being present to the dying in the most deeply respectful ways. It’s written with candor and wit and exudes a clarity that can only come from someone who has supported many hundreds of patients  and their families through end of life experiences. Most of all, this book will help the reader feel peace about their own role as companion and the dying person’s experience--no matter how it unfolds. Greg chooses to believe there are no “good or bad deaths”...only deaths befitting the ones to whom they belong.

         The End Of Life Companion: Touchstones For Those Who Love Someone Who Is Dying, This book is expressly intended for family members who have a loved one dying. Yet, all professionals should read it before they share it with those they companion. Eight important “Touchstones” speak to the most familiar questions and circumstances often neglected by well-meaning helpers who support them.  

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