Companioning The Dying: A Soulful Guide           
                          For Caregivers
                      Table Of Contents

                                                                        Part I   

Chapter 1     What is Companioning?

Chapter 2     The Value Of Telling Our Story

Chapter 3     Active Listening Or “Old Reliable”

                     Good Death...What Does That Mean?  

                                                 Part II  Tenets Of Companioning

Chapter 4     Tenet 1: Companioning is about honoring all parts of the spirit;

                      Not about focusing only on intellect

Chapter 5    Tenet 2: Companioning is more about curiosity; Less about our


                      The Mystery     

Chapter 6     Tenet 3: Companioning is about walking along side; Less about

                       leading or being led

Chapter 7     Tenet 4: Companioning the dying is often more about being                          

                     still; Not always about urgent movement forward

                     Divine Momentum

Chapter 8     Tenet 5:   Companioning the dying means discovering the gifts                           

                     of sacred silence; Not filling up every moment with talk


Chapter 9     Tenet 6:   Companioning is about being present to another’s

                     emotional and spiritual pain; Not taking away or fixing it

Chapter 10   Tenet 7:   Companioning is about respecting disorder and

                       confusion; Not imposing order and logic

                      Everything Belongs 

Chapter 11   Tenet 8:   Companioning is about going into the wilderness of

                     the soul with another human being; It is not thinking you are

                     responsible for finding a way out

Chapter 12   Companioning vs. Treatment: An Important Distinction

                     Treatment vs. Companioning Table 


                                           Part III  Reconciliation Needs Of Dying


Chapter 13   “Letting Go” Mythology

Chapter  14   “Stages Of Dying” Mythology

Chapter 15    Need 1: To Acknowledge The Reality Of                       

                      Impending Death

Chapter 16   Need Two: To Tolerate The Emotional Pain

                    Associated With Dying

Chapter 17   Need Three: To Acknowledge And Reckon With

                    Changing Relationships To Self And Others

Chapter 18   Need Four: To Acknowledge And Reckon With

                     Changing Self-identity

Chapter 19   Need 5: Searching For Meaning

Chapter 20  Need 6: To Have An Understanding Support

                    System Available Through The Dying Process

Chapter 21   Companioning Children Who Love Someone Who Is Dying