Companioning The Dying

                                   With  Greg Yoder

Author    Educator     Hospice Counselor     Companion to Those Who Are Dying


                                                             If you love someone who is facing an end of life

                              experience or if you are a professional who cares for the

                             dying and their families, you are visiting the right place.   

                                 Here you will find support, some very usable tools,

                             inspiration and perspective to assist you in companioning

                             the dying.


                                 Companioning has to do with being in relationship.  The term companion is derived from the Latin com meaning “with” plus panis which means “bread”.  To companion literally implies sharing bread with another.  It begins with a journey inward, looking at our own discomforts  and attachments to outcomes. It means valuing the manner and style in which every individual finishes his or her life without expectation their ending fit some expert’s definition of a “good death”. Companioning is void of judgment. It celebrates diversity recognizing that every single experience with dying is a valued one-of-a-kind story.

                Companioning The Dying is a philosophy

meant to help you bring a respectful, nonjudgmental

presence to one dying  while liberating you from self-

imposed or popular expectations to say or do the right

thing. Companioning theory has far more to do with

how you are inside yourself than what you say or do.

                As we understand companioning at deeper

levels, we become freed from the illusion that our job

is to choreograph a “good death” outcome. Our role is

not necessarily to prevent one dying from emotional, spiritual or existential suffering. After responsibly addressing their physical care needs, we learn our greatest gift is to walk beside them, to artfully companion them,  while they engage in the important end of life work that belongs to them.




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