Companioning The Dying: Creating A Healing    
        Environment In Theory And Practice

                         Sample One Day Seminar Outline

Registration 8:00, Seminar 8:30-4:00pm  


I. Companioning Defined

    A. An art form more than clinical skills or theological guide

    B. Companioning vs. Treating the dying

    C. More about philosophical or spiritual preparedness than what is said or done

    D. Relationship is everything!

    E. Redefining the concept of “helping”

II. Philosophical Principles

    A. The Theory of Enoughness

    B. N.A.T.O.  Not Attached To Outcome

    C. “Value” is Not Measured by Absence of Distress   


III.  Medical Model Myths of Dying

    A. Myth of “A Good Death”

    B. Myth of “Stages of Dying”

    C. Myth of “Letting Go”

    D. Myth of “Denial”

12:00-1:00 Lunch


IV. Role and Responsibility of the Dying

    1: To Acknowledge The Reality Of Dying

    2: To Tolerate The Emotions (And Physical Challenges) Associated With Dying

    3: To Reckon With Changing Relationships To Self And Others

    4: To Struggle With a Changing Self-identity

    5: To Search For Meaning


V. Healing The Companion: Maintaining Joy, Meaning and Health in a Changing World


4:00 Closing