Greg is available to present a one-day or more seminar to your organization or community on Companioning The Dying.  Seminars are intended for hospices, Oncology professionals, volunteers, social workers, counselors, therapists, hospital employees, churches, clergy, educators and anyone who is or may have an occasion to companion the dying either now or in the future.

             Every seminar incorporates music, poetry, film clips, visual aids and interactive dialogue to deliver an inspiring and memorable learning experience.

            Companioning The Dying trainings are designed to provide guests with more effective companioning skills. Greg will illuminate awareness of how traditional medical model conditioning often risks interfering with the ability to be for the dying what they truly need us to be.

            For example, one session highlights the Mythology of “Good Death, Letting Go and Denial”, exploring how these misunderstood and misused concepts often hinder with our ability to companion respectfully.


                                           In every seminar Greg always insists on covering the 

                                    critically important topic of  The Role And

                                            Responsibility Of The Dying. While care providers   

                                    are focused on their duties, we can never forget the one

                                    who is dying has their own distinct responsibility. They

                                    have a story to finish and work to do.  A duty no one else

                                    can accomplish for them.


                                              Seminar Sessions May Include Segments on:

        -Defining Companioning In Theory And Practice

        -Expanding Our Philosophical Foundation Including:

                 The Philosophy Of  N.A.T.O. (Not Attached To Outcome)

                 Being responsible “to” patients but not “for” them.

                 Divine Momentum And The Theory Of  “Enoughness”

                 Value Is Not Measured By Absence Of Distress

        -Cultivating Paradox in Philosophy And Practice

        -Challenging Medical Model Mythologies of:

                 Good Death,  Denial,  Stages Of Dying and Letting Go

        -8 Tenets Of Companioning

        -8 Touchstones For Those Who Love Someone Dying

        -Role And Responsibility Of The Dying  (6 Reconciliation Needs)

        -Companioning Children When Someone They Love Is Dying

        -Healing The Companion: Maintaining  Joy, Meaning and Health In A 

          Changing Economic and Hospice Culture

        -Companioning And Spirituality

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