Companioning The Dying: A Soulful Guide For Caregivers

        “Reading Companioning The Dying is like sitting around a campfire with a good and trusted friend, savoring a soul-based conversation. Greg Yoder’s practical and insightful words, written with candor and delightful sense of humor, will resonate in your heart and soul. Most important, he reminds us all of what a gift it is to  companion another human being who is making the transition from living to dying.”

        “Fortunately, this book is different than most books you will read about

                                                             the dying.  It is a refreshing departure from

                                                             more traditional counseling practices. It

                                                             recognizes that supporting people who are

                                                             are making the transition is more art than

                                                             science. What I appreciate most is Greg’s

                                                             understanding that spirituality, death and life

                                                             are inseparable.  A dying soul knows what it

                                                             needs, and a profound aspect of companioning  

                                                             the dying is to “bear witness” and “give

                                                             attention” to the deep desires of our fellow

                                                             human beings.  As you honor your need to

                                                             grow in your efforts to provide care to the

                                                             dying, you will discover how the companioning

                                                             philosophy presents you with an opportunity

                                                             to enrich your life and the lives of those you

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The End Of Life Companion: Touchstones For Those Who Love Someone Who Is Dying

      The End of Life Companion is a gentle, compassionate handbook on a subject few people want to discuss but which will nevertheless affect us all, and there is no one who will not benefit from its insights. Yoder takes an overwhelming and frightening subject and – without platitudes or easy answers – makes it manageable, even empowering. It’s astonishing that so much respect, love, empathy, and wisdom can fit in such a small book. Whoever you are and whatever your situation, these are the exact words you need to hear. Read them.

Jane Ryder--Director of Logistics and Client Services, The Editorial Department

Also, a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimers



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